Upcoming Talks | Data Driven Government 2019

If you’re working in government, in the DC area, and looking to integrate more data science and advanced analytics into your industry, you should check out Data Driven Government on September 25th!

DDG is a one day symposium (with a couple adjacent days of workshops available) to share best practices and techniques that advance the deployment of analytics and data science within Federal, State, and Local government. It’s a pretty amazing event, and I’m looking forward to delivering an invited session presentation!

My organization has been charged with examining data and analytical tools that enable a better understanding of our employees’ knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences to both optimally employ them for their career development and to increase our readiness over all. We have been working over the past several years to identify gaps in data collection, audit our overall analytic capability, and figure out ways to bring the wealth of data we have and the analytic capability together to better augment our human resources decisions. It’s exciting work, and I’m excited to talk about it!

I’ll be speaking in my official capacity on “Human Capital Analytics – A Vision for Data Driven Talent Management,” giving an overview of some of the research we’ve done and the vision we’ve created for turning the Army’s industrial age systems into a talent management system for the new century. We’ll cover some of our current initiatives and our vision for partnering with industry, academia, the other Services, and associated stakeholders to advance human capital decision making.

Sound like fun? I’ll see you there! You can register at datadrivengovernment.com

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