Reading… This month’s book is Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock, a former VP for Google who recently set up a company that specializes in behavior “nudging” using data analytics. It was recommended by a friend and colleague and endorsed by both my current boss and former boss, so I went into it hoping to be impressed. It hasn’t disappointed so far!

Writing… Again, still working on the elusive book. I’m powering through a chapter my editor asked me to write on ethics – which is a hugely necessary part of our profession. However, I’ve been sidetracked by a huge work project I just took on {and actually came up with} and that’s writing an overarching strategy for our whole organization on human capital analytics. I’m excited for this – and terrified.

Cooking… My latest and greatest contribution to the culinary world has been brown butter scallops on parmesan risotto with creamed spinach. It’s probably the most popular recipe photo I’ve ever posted on Instagram. And the recipe is set to go live on On the Home Front this Monday.

Listening… My son’s new favorites for our trip to daycare are Rodrigo y Gabriella. Spanish guitar is his jam. It’s been mine for a long time, so I’m a fan. Their slow pieces are great to lull him in the car, and I love to put their faster jams on when I’m coding. I code best to somewhat frenetic instrumentals.

Thinking… That last month I posted about not being prepared for the finance huddle I was preparing to host. Which means there’s one next Monday that I’m supposed to host as well. And I am totally not prepared for this. I’m firing my automated assistant.

Wishing… That I could take a day to telework just so I could get something done. Sometimes, I feel like I’m robbing my office of my salary because I’m not getting any work done – I’m just sitting in meetings.

Training… For an upcoming Spartan Race I signed up for {God help me} and the Disney Wine + Dine Half Marathon the first weekend in November! I’m so excited to be running another Disney race! I also started back up with OrangeTheory recently and it’s kicking my butt in the best ways.

Loving… My family for supporting me while I really dig into the things I’m passionate about. And especially loving my son for sticking to a reasonably early bedtime so we can hang out and talk and keep current on Game of Thrones. You know, the important stuff.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

One thought on “Currently :: May 2019

  1. Sounds good to me. I’m glad that I was able to find your new website and it is also nice to see how you’ve been up to, lately. Your son is growing up so well and you also have been giving him new foods to try, which is good.

    My birthday is coming up later this month, but I haven’t planned anything about it just yet. I will, soon.


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