Reading… Each month, I try to read a book and write myself a review. Often, it’s to learn. Sometimes, it’s to suss out competition! This month, I’m reading Data Science for Executives by Nir Kaldero. Mostly because that’s what I was going to call my book but also to find out what he’s offering and to add to my knowledge of the trade space.

Writing… I would say my book. But there’s this work thing that keeps getting in the way of it. Either way, I have to finish my book. Uncovering the book and my interest in providing data science instruction and advice to senior leaders is one of my boss’s favorite stories. In fact, I’m adding him to the dedication. “To my boss, for talking about this damn book so much that I actually had to finish it!”

Cooking… I’m a passionate and very amateur chef. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and on my hobby food blog know that I love creating recipes and take a lot of pictures of my food. This month, I’m all about chopped salads. They’re the best thing ever. Anything you like, throw it on greens and chop it all up.

Listening… I need a new playlist. Since I take my son to daycare in the morning, we often listen to my Pandora solo piano playlist, but I need something to jog me awake afterwards! Suggestions?

Thinking… I wish I’d had time this week to prepare more for the finance huddle I’m hosting tomorrow. I put these things on the calendar far enough in advance to plan for them…but I fail to put the things I need to do to prepare for them on my calendar. My Bullet Journal needs a backwards planning capability.

Wishing… We could use our mobile devices in my office. Because then I’d be able to plug everything into a planning app instead of using my Bullet Journal. Hey, it’s great, but come on. Technology.

Training… For the Cherry Blossom 10M next weekend! Who am I kidding? I have been stuck in meetings all day for weeks. The amount of running that has happened has only been from meeting to meeting. Next weekend is going to be painful. The race will definitely be followed by a bubble bath and wine.W

Loving… My job. Honestly, I do love it. I thought it was workaholism setting back in at first, but then I realized that I’m passionate enough about what I’m doing that I just keep thinking about it all the time. So now I’m blogging about it, too. Maybe I’m just not right in the head.

So what are you guys up to, currently?

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